MOOC Camps

What is a MOOC Camp?

MOOC camps offer participants the opportunity to engage with other participants through facilitated, face-to-face discussions around massive open online courses (MOOCs). MOOCs sponsored by the Department of State (DOS) are free and open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Where do MOOC Camps Take Place?

Past MOOC camps have been hosted at U.S. Embassies, Consulates, American Spaces, regional schools and universities, and other public spaces around the world.

Who Facilitates MOOC Camps?

Anyone who is familiar with the course materials and can volunteer their time is welcome to lead a MOOC Camp. MOOC camps may be led by OPEN course alumni, alumni of U.S. government exchange programs, and U.S. embassy staff, among others.

Are you interested in facilitating a MOOC camp?

Before facilitating a MOOC Camp, we invite you to read the MOOC Camp Facilitator Guidelines to learn more about what is required of a MOOC Camp Facilitator. After reading the guidelines, please complete the MOOC Camp Facilitators Request form to identify your project, project location, and request materials. 

Are there any other resources for MOOC camp facilitators?

The OPEN Program provides facilitators with resources to help in the planning and facilitating of MOOC camps. MOOC Camp Facilitators can watch the MOOC Camps Best Practices Webinar to explore best practices for successfully leading a MOOC Camp.

What is the Community of Practice (COP), and how will the COP help me as a MOOC Camp Facilitator? 

The Community of Practice (COP) offers you a space to access resources and connect with other facilitators around the world. More resources are made available in the MOOC Camp Facilitator COP. After you complete the MOOC Camp Facilitators Request form, you will be invited to the MOOC Camp Facilitator COP, and your information will be forwarded on to your local embassy.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to us at [email protected]. Please include “MOOC Camps” in the subject line of your email.