Online Learning Success Strategies

Taking a class online is quite different from sitting in a classroom. Without the dedicated class time and in-person interactions, it can be difficult to focus on the material and assignments. Below are useful Online Success Strategies to use when taking an online course for the first time, or to review even if you've taken online courses before. 

  • Making Time  
    • Set aside a specific study time each week, and make this a time that you honor and commit to every week. 
  • Your Learning Space 
    • Have a dedicated study space with reliable internet. Maybe this is your home, or a relative’s home. It could be a public space, such as a café. Whatever it is, make it work for you, and try to minimize distractions. This will be your “classroom.” 
  • Thinking About Your Goals 
    • Develop your study goals. What do you want to get from your course? Maybe you want to improve your classroom, or receive a promotion with your new skills.
  • Assignments and Deadlines 
    • When you receive the syllabus, look over each week and make note of all assignments and deadlines. Use a calendar, either a paper one or online, to chart out your assignments and due dates. 
  • Technology  
    • Understand the technology. Become familiar with the technology now, so you won’t have problems later.
    • If you have technical difficulties, don’t wait to ask for support. Ask for help early. 
  • Do Your Work 
    • Complete all of your assignments and projects. Treat this as you would in a physical classroom, with your instructor and peers relying on you to complete your work, participate in discussions, and finish your projects. 
  • Save Your Work! 
    • Be sure to keep copies of your work so you can access them at any time during and after the course. 
  • Ask for Help 
    • Don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructor for more information or clarification. They can assist you, even if you can’t see them face to face. 
  • Start Early 
    • If you have an assignment that requires communicating with your instructor, classmates, or group, establish contact early in the week. Do not wait until the last minute to connect with them! Remember that your instructors and classmates live in many different time zones, and are just as busy as you are, so be sure to communicate early. Give everyone plenty of time to respond to and collaborate with you. 

Online learning allows you to be responsible for your own success. Ultimately, it is up to YOU to stay organized, manage your time, ask questions, and complete all assignments on time!