Meet Your Alumni Facilitators!

Several alumni of the OPEN Program have been selected to serve as facilitators in our Community of Practice (CoP). These experienced educators will help to curate useful content and open educational resources (OERs) and respond to your questions in the CoP. Please read their bios below to get to know them a little better!'

January 2018

Schiopu Lucia

I am Schiopu Lucia, Ph. D in Education, lecturer at English Philology Department at State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga” for 17 years. The most challenging thing about being and educator is to be in constant personal and professional change; an educator must be on top of the events, innovations and be prepared to work with students that absorb quickly the positive and negative effects of the change. This is my philosophy of teaching and I am always eager to benefit from various teaching experiences when I am given the choice.


October 2017

Ruth Shoman

Ruth Shoman who was born in Belize, the only English speaking Central American country has been in the teaching profession for the past 15 years.  Her passion for working with young people led her to become the president of the Scout Association in Corozal, her home town.  She later went on to manage the Corozal Community College Marching Band as part of a programme to assist youths through music.  For ten years she worked arduously with this group taking them to become five times national champions.  Her love of the profession and her people led her to become an active member of the Belize National Teachers' Union (B.N.T.U.) and in April of this year she was voted in as the National Secretary of the (B.N.T.U.).


Chaouki M'kaddem

Chaouki M’kaddem is a Tunisian teacher of English. He has been teaching teenagers EFL for twenty-five years. He is deeply involved in CPD both nationally and internationally. Mr. M’kaddem has recently been engaged in promoting peace education in collaboration with international teachers. Besides being a teacher, he is a poet and short story writer. One of his known sayings is “I am a teacher, richer than a millionaire; I don’t count money. I count for a nation’s welfare.”


Nur Hani Laily

Hello everyone and welcome on board! I am Hani, one of your facilitators in this Community of Practice (CoP). Throughout my seven years of teaching English at tertiary level, I believe that it is very crucial for educators to trigger learners’ enthusiasm for learning since learning is a lifelong process. Thus, in order to achieve my belief, I will always consider that different learners have different learning strategies and my teaching strategies are not necessarily matched with my students’ needs. Thus, be part of the CoP, it serves as platform for me to exchange ideas and share with educators from all over the world regarding strategies in teaching and learning English. I am hoping that, together we can make the teaching and learning of English is meaningful for our learners! Have fun and I am here to help!  


September 2017

Alassane Dia

Dr. Alassane Abdoulaye DIA is a scholar and Lecturer of English at Gaston Berger University, Senegal (West Africa). He holds two Master’s degrees in Anglophone literatures and civilizations and a Ph. D in comparative literature. He is author of a book (literary criticism) in English and a range of scholarly articles in both French and English. He has eight years of experience of teaching English as a second language. Dr. DIA is also a United Nations Volunteer for translation online. He has participated in interesting programs with US institutions. He earned a certificate of English academic writing from the University of California Berkley, USA in 2014. In the same year, the US Department of State awarded him the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (an initiative by President OBAMA). From January to March 2017, he also completed a course on Techniques for Teaching Reading and Writing with the American English E-Teacher Program. His outstanding experience with the latter program motivates him to act as a Facilitator for a Community of Practice. He likes reading and sharing ideas.


Smita Joseph

I am Smita Joseph, currently teaching at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. I love to do research in Sociolinguistics and equally love to teach the subject. Since I am employed in the department of distance education, I also produce self-learning materials. I would love to pursue research and specialise in English Language Teaching in future. Besides teaching and doing research, I love to travel, eat and cook. I am also a wildlife enthusiast. So whenever I get time I head to a nearby forest. 


Kadirova Nargiza Arifovna

My name is Nargiza. I have a bachelor's degree in Roman-German languages and master's degree in English philology from the University of World Languages (Uzbekistan). Currently I'm doing my PhD research at Bukhara State University. Also I teach English at the same university. I've been working as a teacher since 2005. English language is my passion and I devote most of my free time to learning something new about teaching technologies and approaches.