Past Alumni Highlights


Highlights from Content-based Instruction MOOC Camps in the Philippines

Over 1,000 MOOCers from Metro Manila and other Philippine provinces participated in a MOOC Camp and completed the Content-based Instruction MOOC.

These MOOC Camps were facilitated by over 50 MOOC Camp Leaders from over 30 areas or cities.

MOOC Camp participants in Makati, Philippines

MOOC Camp participants in Santa Cruz Laguna, the Philippines participating in a community outreach activity

MOOC Camp Participants in Laguna Philippines after conducting tutorial lessons that apply the concepts they learned during the CBI MOOC

MOOC Camp participants in Masbate, the Philippines working with children

MOOC Camp participants in Tuguegarao City, Philippines during their final meet-up

Highlights from a Content-based Instruction MOOC Camp in Manila, Philippines

Facilitator Ms. Rina Angeles shared some highlights from a MOOC Camp Orientation on Content-based Instruction.

This MOOC Camp is supported by the Regional English Language Office in Manila, Philippines


There were 2,000 teachers enrolled in the CBI MOOC in the Metro Manila area and over 10,000 around the Philippines

MOOC Camp Facilitator Facilitating the Content-based Instruction Orientation

Content-based Instruction MOOC Camp Orientation Sign-in

Highlights from a MOOC Camp in Manila, Philippines

Facilitator Romualdo A. Mabuan shared some highlights from a Fall 2018 MOOC Camp that took place at the Regional English Language Office in Manila. Local teachers worked together to enhance their experience taking the OPEN Professional Development for Teacher Trainers MOOC.

Several participants shared what they gained from MOOC Camp and the course:

“I have been MOOCing in the Philippines since 2015 and I have completed over 20 MOOCs via Coursera, Canvas, and edX. From a simple MOOC participant who simply wanted to learn something new and to explore alternative platforms for teacher professional development, I became a MOOC Camp Leader and Facilitator. I now lead over 40 MOOC Camp Leaders from over 20 key cities in Metro Manila and some provinces in Luzon and Visayas. To date, we have already produced over 2,000 MOOC graduates, both teachers and students alike. Looking back, I could say that my MOOC Camp experience is TRANSFORMATIVE. It made me realize that MOOCs are democratizing educational landscapes across the globe, and that the ubiquity of the Internet can provide me limitless opportunities to develop and advance professionally, regardless where I am and whatever my life circumstance is. Not only do MOOC Camps help me grow as an English language educator, they also hone my leadership skills as they allow me to touch and transform the lives of many educators who, just like me, are also passionate in pursuing continuing professional development.” - Romualdo Mabuan,Facilitator

Participant Erick Naval described how MOOCs have helped him stay up-to-date with educational technology: “The participation skills that I learned within MOOC translate to my profession, including creating and sharing documents and incorporating video or audio materials into assignments. These ideas will help a lot for today’s technology-driven work environment.”

“After completing the MOOC course, professional Development for Teachers, I was able use what I have learned from the module, Needs Analysis. I was tasked to present in our Learning Action Cell (LAC) during our 3rd English Department Meeting 2018-2019. I interviewed several of my colleagues what do they think is an essential topic to be shared in our LAC session. Majority of them are interested in Technology and Professional Development so I presented Professional Development through Webinars offered by AE Teacher, and Regional English Language Office (RELO).” - Albert Miranda Navarra

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Highlights from a Celebration of Learning in Davao Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

In December 2018, successful partiicpants in the Fall 2018 Professional Development for Teacher Trainers MOOC celebrated their academic achievement together. View the video below!