Professional Development for Teacher Trainers

This course is delivered by Arizona State University

Course Description

This course, designed for both new and experienced teachers, gives participants methods for creating, presenting, and evaluating effective teacher training workshops. You will gain tools and techniques for promoting professional development in your teaching context. Through participation in this course, you will develop your skills for delivering engaging and relevant teacher trainings.

Learning Objectives and Learner Outcomes

The main outcome of the course is to have participants apply teacher training tools and strategies for impactful training in their local contexts.


  • develop an understanding of what makes a teacher training workshop successful and improves student outcomes
  • create a course outline based on your goals and objectives for your teaching context
  • develop a plan for assessing participants to meet your goals and objectives
  • apply evaluative concepts in a reflective way to assess training and grow professionally
  • create a sustainable community of practice with colleagues for continued professional growth