Creating and Implementing Online Courses

This course is delivered by Arizona State University

Course Description

This course will give participants powerful tools to create and implement online courses for students. Using the ADDIE model for instructional design, participants will first analyze (A) students, stakeholders, and objectives by writing a learner story. They will then design (D) a course outline and hybrid module framework. Participants will also develop (D) different learning assets, including formative assessments and a video script. Finally, participants will create an action plan to demonstrate how they intend to implement (I) and evaluate (E) the online English language course they have developed.

Learning Objectives and Learner Outcomes

The main outcome of the course is to have participants apply tools and strategies for creating and delivering online courses in their contexts.


  • identify best practices of online course design
  • create course objectives and a learner story based on a needs analysis of the teaching context
  • design a course outline and hybrid module framework based on a learner story and course objectives
  • develop appropriate formative assessments for an online course
  • use multimedia principles for online course design to develop learnings assets
  • explain the process and tools used for course evaluation